The system Architecture

The ultimate solution for improving life on board: less space for technical supplies, more space for your own leisure!

What is SMART

SMART is the system architecture by CNSat saving space, weight, cables and power consumption on board.

Its design has been developed following almost 20 years’ experience in yacht projects, taking care of the customer needs.

SMART stands for Software Managed Architecture with Reliable Technology.

What SMART Does
A Complete SMART system Includes:
  • Firewall/Router unit with Gateway Management, UTM, Bandwidth manager.
  • Home Automation Processor.
  • PABX system for the onboard telephone system management.
  • CCTV Manager with remote access and camera view/Record
  • Video On Demand Server
  • Music On Demand Server
  • Info Cruise System 
  • IPTV Manager 
  • Value Added Services
    Connected On Board
  • Remote Assistance

How Does Work

SMART is a system architecture that makes all the needed services work as software instances.


Unlike standard architectures, where each service is managed by a single box running a software which provides the service itself, SMART runs all
the softwares inside a single powerful piece of hardware:

The SMART Server

Adding a second redundant unit you can reach a reliability as any other architecture:
In standard architecture if a box running the software of the service we’re using fails, the service will not be available until the box is fixed.
E.G. If the PABX fails the telephone system will not work until the PABX is fixed.
Viceversa  if one  of the SMART Server  fails, all services are granted by the redundant one.
In the meantime the system sends a warning to the system administrator who can start the diagnostic and the repair process.


SMART saves Space. More space on board for your own daily leisure.
SMART saves Cables.  The majority of the connections are softwares that run on a single CAT  Cable.
SMART saves Power. It requires less power than standard architecture where multiple devices have to be powered.
SMART saves Weight.  There are physically less devices installed than with a standard architecture.

VAS - Value Added Services

SMART includes two important features that come when you install a complete system.


Connected On Board