SMART Server

The Smart Architecture CPU

All services needed on board in one unique piece of hardware

SMART Server 

SMART server is available in two form factors:


  • One Rack Unit from DELL
  • Boxed Mini Desktop from HPE

Hard Drives Configurable in RAID5 starting from 4 x 2TB


Why SMART Server

SMART Server includes in one unique piece of hardware the software instances that manage several services on board.

Standard supplies the complete infotainment process via Hydra Pro AppleTV App.
Furthermore it includes a complete IP control API (Crestron Module available).

Adding extra modules it can be configured to replace several devices that otherwise should be installed in the main rack or around the yacht.


Main Module
Standard SMART Server comes with:
  • HYDRA Pro system management

  • Crestron Module for APPLE TV Control

  • Remote assistance module

Available Modules

SMART Server can be equipped with the following modules:
  • Firewall/UTM and Bandwidth Manager
  • Home Automation Processor
  • VoIP PABX Telephone system
  • CCTV Manager (NVR)
  • NAS and Shared Folder Management