Custom Line 106

Custom  Line 106

Customer: Ferretti Group

Type: Custom Line 106

Description: Entertainment, IT, TLC

In 2017 Ferretti Group assigned the Entertainment, IT/TLC systems of the entire production CL 106 to CNSat following the proposal based on SMART Architecture.
All issued Custom Line 106 are equipped with our innovative solution that grants less space used for the equipment, less cables, less devices.

Firewal/UTM, PABX, Media  Server, Info Cruise, Remote assistance are  concentrated in only 1 Rack unit. The Main Rack, only 1,5 m,  contains the major part of the on board needed  equipment,  leaving in cabins just few small local devices (such as the AppleTV).

Main Zones controlled by  iPad Mini using  one single Crestron Processor in the main Rack.

Several options are available just activating a Software module.